How to choose

How to choose a skylight from the broad offering that is Sun-Tek Skylights !


We offer 6 different lines of skylights, which means we’ve got the right skylight solution for you!


1. The Sun-Tek Tube Skylight

We’ve built our reputation on quality, craftsmanship, reliability and our continued focus on innovation. As a prime example, when architects, builders and homeowners have come to us with situations where a standard skylight installation wouldn’t fit, Sun-Tek took the challenge of developing a tubular skylight with features that no other manufacturer in the industry had yet incorporated. Our Sun-Tek Tube Skylight line is now one of our most popular applications.

2. Spyder™ Multi-Tube

We soon noticed multiple Sun-Tek Tube Skylights were being ordered for a single project. If these multiple orders could be combined into one system, the net effect would be an easier installation that is more cost effective. Thus was born our Spyder Multi-Tube Skylight line, combining several Sun-Tek Tubes into one roof opening to allow multiple living spaces to be illuminated. Brilliant! In more ways than one, we’d like to think.

3. Insulated Glass Skylights

You will find innovative ideas in our most traditional line as well. Our Glass Skylights now featuring a 3rd generation LoE glass combine the sleek, classic sophistication of insulated glass skylights, which let in the most light, with the most up-to-date solutions for energy efficiency, and installation. A 20 year warranty means no worries!

4. Polycarbonate Dome Skylights

More than thirty years ago Sun-Tek Skylights emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of durable, high-strength polycarbonate skylights in the nation. We built our reputation on our PolyDome Skylight line and we continue to evolve and expand this range. Our new Sun-Tek Sapphire prism dome has become an instant favorite, adding a distinctive, modern flair to each finished project. If you’re looking for an economical and durable skylight, the insulated PolyDome Series is for you. The polycarbonate skylights are insulated, energy efficient and backed by 10-year warranty. SF and SFPH skylights carry a 5 year warranty.

5. Extreme Weather™ Skylights

Innovation isn’t just about style alone. As tougher building code requirements are raised by local governments to lessen property damage and protect their citizens during times of severe weather, Sun-Tek is ahead of the industry in meeting and exceeding these higher standards. The Sun-Tek Extreme Weather™ Skylights have passed the strictest testing of the Miami Dade approval process and meet or exceed all Florida Building Codes. If your home or office is in a severe weather zone, think Sun-Tek Extreme Weather™.

6. Commercial Skylights

For over 30 years Sun-Tek has been manufacturing the most complete line of high standard – residential sky-lighting here in the United States. We are now offering this same great assurance in the commercial skylights version.

With most complete line of skylights offered industry wide, it is only a question of How to Choose !