Sun-Tek TubeWhy the Sun-Tek Tube is so extraordinary…Bring sunlight into a space where it has never before been possible! The remarkable new Sun-Tek Tube from the skylight experts at Sun-Tek now lets you light up even tiny spaces too small for a standard skylight!

Applications –

  • Laundry Rooms – Bathrooms
  • Stairwells – Hallways
  • Kitchens
  • Walk-in closets

How it Works – The Sun-Tek Tube gathers sunlight from a leak proof dome, bounces it down a light reflective tube to a lens cover that diffuses the sunlight throughout the room.

Everything is Included – You can install it yourself in less than an afternoon with easy to follow instructions! Everything you need is in the box – even the special leak proof sealant!

No Construction Mess – The Sun-Tek Tube easily slips between rafters or trusses for quick installation without turning your home into a construction site.

Maintenance Free – Once you have installed the Sun-Tek Tube you’ll never have to do another thing to enjoy the cheerful glow of reflected sunlight – it’s maintenance free!

Sun-Tek Tube

Self Flashing Tube (STT) Installation Instructions

STT 10″ Kit (contents)

STT 14″ Kit (contents)

Curb Mount Tube (STTCM) Installation Instructions

STTCM 10″ Kit (contents)

STTCM 14″ Kit (contents)

Tube Size Tube Length Included Maximum
Tube Length
Area Illuminated Order Code
10 inches 50 inches 10 feet 150 square feet STT 10 or STTCM 10
14 inches 50 inches 20 feet 250 square feet STT 14 or STTCM 14
21 inches 50 inches 30 feet 450 square feet STT 21 or STTCM 21
Note: The 10" tube provides equivalent light to two 100 watt light bulbs
(depending on application, conditions may vary)

Approvals & Certifications:

Florida Building Code Cert# 13488.7 (STT)