Curb Mount Aluminum Dade Skylight


The Curb Mount Aluminum Dade Skylight works well on any type roof. CMA-D installs over a self-built curb with flashing to provide a leak-proof cap. CMA-D has been approved for Miami Dade building codes and can be used in ANY wind zone. For application model sizes 2269 through 4689.
  • Impact rated
  • Curb mounted
  • Double domed with aluminum frame
  • Use on any roof of type
  • Requires self-built curb with flashing
10 Year Limited Warranty Self-built curb alternatives:
  • LS-Labor Saver Curb, a specialty product for making easy installation on any roof type except metal.
Curb Mount Aluminum Dade Skylight

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CMA-D Installation Instructions

Approvals & Certifications:

Miami Dade Approval #20-1123.12

Florida Building Code Cert# 23-089.1

Texas Dept of Ins. Cert# SK-40

Curb Mount Aluminum Dade SkylightAvailable Options:

  • Custom Sizes

Dome Outer: (Select Sizes & Customs)

  • Bronze (standard)
  • White
  • Clear

Dome Inner: (Select Sizes & Customs)

  • Clear (standard)

Available Frame Colors: