The Classic Appeal of Glass Skylights


  • A durable aluminum exterior, in your choice of – Bronze, Mill Finish or White
  • A low profile, sleek look that blends with the roof line!
  • Extra wide 4″ nailing flange – no multi-piece kits, like most other skylights
  • Dual pane, LoĒ³-340, Argon-filled double insulated – 7/8″ tempered glass – for maximum thermal protection
  • Select wood interior or PVC frame – for energy efficiency and traditional styling

Enjoy All Season Comfort

The solar performance of LoĒ³-340 glass is unprecedented in a double-pane Sun-Tek unit – no room-darkening tint required. With its SHGC of just 0.18, it greatly reduces oppressive solar heat gain. And wherever glare is a problem, LoĒ³-340 controls that as well. Then when cold weather rolls around, its low U-Factor reduces indoor heat loss.

Glass Skylights

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Sun-Tek now features the most cutting edge glass technology!

LoĒ³-340 / Clear Tempered(standard)

LoĒ³-340 / Laminated

LoĒ³-340 / Impact

• Other Glass Options Available

Tempered Glass:

  • Won’t haze over or discolor; remains clear
  • Is easy to clean; doesn’t require polishing
  • Is much quieter in a rainstorm
  • Is very strong

Glass Warranty

Understanding Thermal Properties On Glass Performance