curb mounted skylight


Both the Sun-Tek CMA and the CM Polydome models are tough, durable and designed to install over your own curb – typically a raised frame of wood.

The CM curb mounted skylight comes standard with two-piece polycarbonate insulated dome for excellent weather protection.

  • Use on any roof type
  • Requires self-built curb with flashing
Self-built curb alternatives:
  • LS-Labor Saver Curb, a specialty product for making easy installation on any roof type except metal.

10 Year Limited Warranty


curb mounted skylight

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Installation Instructions (CM 2230)

Installation Instructions (CM 3046)

Installation Instructions (CM 4646)

Approvals & Certifications:

Florida Building Code Cert# 13488

curb mounted skylight

Available Options:

  • Triple Domes (select sizes)

Dome Outer: (Select Sizes & Customs)

  • Bronze (standard)
  • White
  • Clear

Dome Inner:

  • Clear