Accessories for Vented Glass Skylights

Motorized Skylight Operator Kit

Opens/Closes skylight with the flick of a wall mounted switch! All wiring, wall switch and instructions included.
(Can be upgraded to remote)

Remote Control System (Receiver & Transmitter)

Allows you to operate skylight from up to 50 feet away

Transmitter Only

Receiver with Rain Sensor

Telescopic Pole

Extends from 6′ to 10′ to allow manual opening/closing of skylight in high ceilings (includes adapter for 1 skylight; order a Hex Drive Adapter for each additional skylight

Hex Drive Adapter

To operate skylight opener with Telescopic Pole, opener handle must be replaced with this adapter.

Hex Ball Drive

Replaces lost or damaged ball portion of pole tip.

Universal Joint and Insert

May be needed in sharply angled tunnels to use pole.

Universal Joint with Pole Ring

To be used in applications with extreme pitch.

Hook Adapter

To be used in conjunction with Universal Joint Pole Ring and Classic Shade.

Eyelet Adapter

To be used with the Hook Adapter and Telescopic Pole.