sapphire self flashing skylight


The latest Sun-Tek innovation is our Sapphire Self Flashing (SFPH) model. Rather than our traditional curved domed surface this faceted dome adds an enhanced architectural highlight to your installation. Two-piece insulated self-flashing models mount directly between your shingles and roof decking.

  • Use on asphalt shingle roofs only
  • Minimum pitch of 2:12 required

5 Year Limited Warranty


sapphire self flashing skylight

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Approvals & Certifications:

Florida Building Code Cert# 13488
sapphire self flashing skylight

  • Polycarbonate skylights resist temperature extremes from a frigid -60 below zero to an oven-baking +250.
  • With a bronze exterior and clear interior finish, it is available in all the most popular sizes!
  • Also available in a triple dome configuration in select model sizes.