Brilliant Innovation!Sun-Tek SunSpyder

Chosen among the nation’s Top 50 Building Products when introduced. The Sun-Tek Spyder Multi-Tube Skylight System is designed to deliver natural sunlight to multiple locations within a home or office with only a single opening in the roof. You can now easily stream sunlight into several problematic hard to reach locations from just one skylight! 

Plus, a Spyder installation takes a fraction of the time needed to install multiple traditional skylights. No need for framing or drywall installation.

Our Spyder Installation Instructions take the guesswork out of doing it yourself. Choose the solution that works best for you. Our handy Worksheet guides you through the process.


Spyder Multi-Tube Skylight System - Configurations

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Spyder Installation Instructions

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Spyder Multi-Tube Skylight System 

Spyder Multi-Tube Skylight System Configurations:

There are numerous standard configurations already available. If there is a special design challenge or you have a unique design idea, we are available to help you achieve the ultimate result that only a Sun-Tek Spyder Spyder Multi-Tube Skylight System can offer:

  • Illuminate multiple living spaces with a single roof opening
  • Natural Sunlight… Anywhere you want light!
  • No need for framing or drywall installation labor
  • 10 Year warranty
  • Minimum 4’ attic space required
  • Requires self-built curb and flashing
  • Various installation configurations are available allowing natural light into multiple living spaces.
  • The location of the Spyder multi-tube skylights in the home varies per application and home design.